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"Today we learn, tomorrow we serve."

This web site is intended as information for students of the Chambersburg Area Senior High School (CASHS) class of 1977.  It is best viewed at a resolution of not less than 800x600. 


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We are the class of '77

The sun is rising for us now,

And learning is our goal And in the future we'll show them how
For we will learn to serve mankind That '77 is the best,
Heart, body, mind, and soul. We are the best of all the rest.
We'll share each burden with a smile Then in the future we will find,
And make it all worthwhile The sun will be both yours and mine.
We'll light the way for those behind The light of the future is ours to see,
And a brighter path we'll find. That '77 is where it will be.
This class of ours we hope will be  
The greatest one to date  
For we will strive to free the world  
From prejudice and hate.  
So! Come on class from CASHS high  
And sing out one and all  
For now we learn to face the world  
And answer freedom's call.  
Blue and gold our colors  
Love our only goal  
Serve the world together  
Stand up brave and bold.  


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