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"Today we learn, tomorrow we serve."

This web site is intended as information for students of the Chambersburg Area Senior High School (CASHS) class of 1977.  It is best viewed at a resolution of not less than 800x600. 


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What's new in Chambersburg

bulletDuring the summer of 2006, Route 30 East has been widened to 5 lanes.  This stretches from Stouffer Ave out to very close to Fayetteville.
bulletAlso during the summer of 2006, much land is currently being developed.  The Gablers sold much of their land on the north end of town.  Walker road has been changed.  Many businesses are now being built between 5th Ave. and Walker Road.  We now have a Fuddruckers and will soon be getting Target, a new Giant, a new Staples, Circuit City, and many others.
bulletRemember the old  Stanley building?  Well, it doesn't exist anymore.  The school district bought the land and built a new administration building and a football practice field.
bulletIf you haven't been to Chambersburg for a while, you won't recognize it.  Many new housing developments, hotels, and restaurants have been built.  We now have Applebees, Cracker Barrel, etc.
bulletRemember the Hal Lowry Ford building?  They built a new building on the right-side of route 30 as you are going towards Fayetteville.  The old building has been torn down and a Ryan's steak house has been built there.
bulletWhere's the water?  Cowans Gap was drained for repairs to the dam.  It reopened during the summer of 2003.
bulletLetterkenney Army Depot has gone through some major changes.  Most of it has been shut down and those jobs moved elsewhere.  The guard shacks have been torn down and you can now drive through the depot.  Be careful though, speed limit is 35mph and depot security is strict about this!



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